Table 20 - NW Sports Physical Therapy, Inc.

NW Sports Physical Therapy, Inc.

At NW Sports Physical Therapy, Inc. our goal is to provide services that satisfy and improve the lives of our patients and communities. You will find therapists and staff that have a passion for what they do and compassion for those they meet. Our dedication to the health of our patients shines through in all aspects of our business. NW Sports Physical Therapy has adopted a Code of Cooperation that is the foundation of our daily experience with our patients.

  • Integrity: Honesty, Responsibility, Respectful, Ethical and Loyal
  • Excellence: Leadership, Quality, Professional, Knowledgeable, Confident and experienced.
  • Passion: Committed, Inspired, Dream, Enthusiasm, Driven
  • Compassion: Listen, Care, Sincerity, Empathy, Supportive
  • Positive Atmosphere: Fun, Encouraging, Inviting, Motivating and Contagious

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