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Zetterberg Custom Homes & Remodeling

The Zetterberg Story

For more than forty years, the Zetterberg name has been synonymous with quality homes built on a foundation of integrity. Since 1969, Karl Zetterberg has developed an admirable reputation for high-quality and timeless Northwest design. Along with the intuitive sense of his wife, Jane, and the keen interest and involvement of their four sons, Eric, Greg, Brian and Jeff, the legacy has inspired a family whose mission will always be to design and build excellence.

As head of a family-owned business, Karl represents the entrepreneurial American dream. He credits his first start in the business to his uncle, Lloyd, who was a custom home builder. After learning the profession from his uncle, Karl started his own business. With his four sons as part of the team, a third generation of quality home builders is busy ensuring that their homes meet the ever evolving demands of today's discerning buyer throughout the South Puget Sound.

The Zetterberg team recognizes that the secret to successful home building is to build with a family's every day needs in mind. They connect to their buyers by understanding what it takes to make a house a home. Their emphasis on the flexibility, functionality, and customization of their homes is what sets them apart from their competition. As you step into a Zetterberg home, the rich quality, first-class craftsmanship and attention to detail speak for themselves. Each home is designed to maximize energy and environmental considerations, as well as express the taste and personality of its occupants.

The Zetterberg team believes in a hands-on approach to marketing and selling their homes. They pride themselves in making the entire experience of purchasing a new home a pleasurable one. From the signing of the sales agreement to the final walk-through, buyers will encounter friendly professionalism with each phase in the buying process. Even years after, the entire Zetterberg team will be there to support buyers by answering questions, providing resources and helping with their home maintenance needs. The ultimate goal is to have Zetterberg Custom Homes & Remodeling stand the test of time, offering beautiful and functional living environments for generations to come. A Zetterberg home will always equate to beauty and warmth, superior craftsmanship and excellence in construction...the family name depends upon it.

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