Former Naval Special Warfare Operator James Hatch

Retired Special Missions James HatchFormer Naval Special Warfare Operator James Hatch served our Country in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. As a K9 handler on several deployments, James life was regularly spared by the work of K-9s. One of the most memorable was Spike. Spike was killed in 2006. On the night that James was critically wounded in 2009, K9 Remco saved his life. From that evening on, James oriented his life around the training, care and preservation of working dogs with the Spikes K9 Fund. In addition to working as the founder and president of the fund, he works with local law enforcement and has adopted and cared for many former service dogs in need of medical attention. James has been extremely successful in raising awareness for the working dog and has caught the attention of many significant supporters including CNN’s Anderson Cooper who after his interview with James, donated his “Norfolk Forum” speaking fee to K9 Krijger Ballistic Vest Campaign.

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