Prayer Breakfast 2018 - Every Soldier has a story


We would like to thank all of our amazing speakers, volunteers, sponsors and attendees who made this year's Prayer Breakfast possible! Stay tuned for details on next year's event, and please consider supporting the race on Sunday, September 16th. 

When a warrior lays down his arms, he or she continues to carry the burden of memory, often related to combat trauma.  Memories that are often too painful and too heavy to bear alone. The Prayer Breakfast was created to provide the civilian community with the privilege of sharing the burden. The annual event offers an illuminating morning to witness the stories of overcoming adversity and the determination to overcome their personal battles. Every soldier has a story. Thank you for joining us as our community listened to how our veterans and first responders have transitioned from defending our country to preparing for their future with a renewed sense of hope and healing.


We honored and privileged to thank our wonderful speakers:

Retired, decorated 20-year FDNY firefighter Tim BrownRetired, decorated 20-year FDNY firefighter Tim Brown

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National ExoSym-IDEO Program National ExoSym-IDEO Program Director at Hangar Clinic Ryan Blanck

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Former United States Air Force (SERE) Specialist Rick StewartRetired United States Air Force (SERE) Specialist Rick Stewart

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Former Navy fighter pilot Dave DequeljoeRetired Navy fighter pilot Dave Dequeljoe

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Featuring music by:

The Dark Horses Band

...and artist Taylor Enloe!

The Permission to Start Dreaming Foundation exists to bring hope and healing to our military members, veterans and their families who deal with post traumatic stress and combat trauma. The foundation has given nearly $300,000 to local alternative veterans organizations since its inception in 2011. As the foundation has grown, it has spawned a dynamic movement in the Pacific Northwest, offering veterans real and tangible help, strength based and solution focused. In 2017, it delivered an innovative retreat program fostering “post traumatic growth” and will continue to develop that so more veterans from the PNW can participate.

The foundation offers connection for our military with monthly Veterans Huddles, currently planning its first wellness workshop in an effort to help them make peace with their past for a better future and strategically planning for the creation of the Northwest Passage, a comprehensive wellness veteran center. The Permission To Start Dreaming Foundation Prayer Breakfast is a great example of the community joining us in that effort.